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  1. Getwellsoon_ta

    Paris Junior College Lvn program 2020

    Hello all, I was looking for people who are either applying to PJC’s nursing program that’s starting next summer or have been in the program recently. I would like to know how many points you will have or had to see if I even stand a chance.
  2. Getwellsoon_ta

    Grayson college LVN Fall 2019

    Sadly I didn’t get in. I received an email yesterday stating that my file was incomplete I asked them to send me my file so I could see what I was missing because I’m pretty sure I sent everything but I got no response. So I’m out for this year. Best of luck to you tho
  3. Getwellsoon_ta

    Grayson college LVN Fall 2019

    Hello all, Is anyone planning on applying for Grayson College’s Lvn program this fall? Just wanted to compare stats with other potential students.