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  1. Just curious, how difficult is it to get hired in a Correctional settings? Is there a need for nurses in Corrections?
  2. DCubed

    How Gossip Hurts All of Us

    What an amazing article on such an important topic. Really loved TP's response, too. Thank you for writing it, Dr. Donadio.
  3. DCubed

    safety concerns/ need advice

    Oh my God. Are all psych units like this, or only state hospitals. workingot, I'm really interested in what has kept you going all these years and prompted you to stay in an environment that seems so dangerous. Some of your injuries sustained on the job are very serious. Thanks for sharing.
  4. DCubed

    Any state hospital nurses?

    Lord, that is really some scary stuff. Hats off to you for sticking it out this long, workingot.
  5. DCubed

    Xavier University ABSN Fall 2019

    Hi. I'm seriously considering Xavier's ABSN Program, have already been accepted, and am just trying to decide between this program and another program in the area. Anyone have experience with this program they'd be willing to share? Thank you very much!
  6. DCubed

    Is This for Me?

    Thanks so much for such a great response, Zookeeper44. So helpful.
  7. DCubed

    Staffing Ratios

    Reading posts like this freak me out and make me not want to be a nurse. Really scary stuff.
  8. DCubed

    Is This for Me?

    Lmm1988, what kind of attitudes from other nurses have you seen in your clinicals, thus far? Mean and hateful nurses and doctors who eat their young is what makes me nervous about the profession, as well. I'm pretty sensitive, and fear what kind of emotional toll it would have on me if my coworkers weren't civil. Thanks.
  9. DCubed

    Is This for Me?

    Zookeeper44, if you had to do it over again, would you have gotten your nursing degree?
  10. DCubed

    Xavier's ABSN Program

    Greetings. Has anyone graduated from or is anyone attending Xavier University's (Cincinnati, OH) ABSN Program? Any information on your experiences and impressions of the program would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  11. DCubed

    Resign first or wait until I find out if I'm fired?

    Davey Do, just curious. When you were fired, how did that affect you mentally? I'm sure it had to be rough. How did you cope? I'm kind of a sensitive type, so just kind of looking for strategies since I'm sure it'll happen to me one of these days. Thank you.
  12. DCubed

    VA new hire wants to post to other position

    Another nursing horror story. So sorry this happened to you, Darla.
  13. Will there be too many nurses in the near future? I read an article quoting the US Health Resources Services Division that there would be an excess of nurses in some parts of the country in the not too distant future. Kind of makes sense, because in my area alone some of the universities have accelerated programs pumping out new grads like it's going out of style, and some of these programs are high capacity cohorts forming three times a year with a 90 student capacity for each cohort. Not to mention all of the nursing programs in my area. There are too many to count. Read the same thing about nurse practitioners...too many in the near future. Some nurse practitioner programs don't even require applicants to have an RN license to apply, and I've know some nurses who have jumped right into NP school with so little experience as an RN. It's just a bit scary since I'm contemplating going to nursing school. I don't want to spend a ton of money if the market is going to be saturated with nurses scrambling to find jobs. Have nursing degrees become cash cows for universities, so much so that the drive for revenue is setting up the profession for a bleak near future? How is saturation not inevitable?
  14. DCubed

    Cincinnati Mount St. Joseph MAGELIN

    Hi PinkyT3, As far as reading is concerned, is more emphasis put on reading the text, reading the PowerPoints associated with each lecture, or a combination of the two in your program at The Mount? Really wish I could email you, but I don't have enough posts.
  15. DCubed

    Cincinnati Mount St. Joseph MAGELIN

    PinkyT3, How do you study and practice for skills? How often do you go into lab to practice? Do you find yourself going into lab on the weekends to practice your skills? Thank you.
  16. DCubed

    Does anyone here actually like nursing?

    Love this thread. Davey Do for Prez, 2020!