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  1. DavidASmithRN2B

    Struggling with depression

    Anybody else, besides me, who is in school currently and struggling with depression? I have always worked dayshift and was home with my wife and kids in the evening/night. Now that I’m in school the only option for me to work is 16 hour shifts; Friday evening/night and Saturday evening/night because I’m in class Monday-Thursday. Im struggling with depression, even though I am home Monday - Thursday I feel like all I do is school work and I miss my babies (One is 8 months, and the other is 5 years) especially on the days I work. The thing that depresses me even more is knowing that I have 5.5 years of school left if I stick to my plan to obtain a doctorate degree. How do you all balance everything and keep your sanity?
  2. DavidASmithRN2B

    (Inexperienced) LPN working (in LTC) again.

    I opened owned and operated a vape shop for almost 4 years, sold it and now I’m back in school. I’m currently doing the lpn-Rn, then I will do Rn-BSN then BSN-DNP
  3. DavidASmithRN2B

    (Inexperienced) LPN working (in LTC) again.

    When I came back to nursing after taking a few years off to start up my own business I decided to do something different than LTC. I tried correctional nursing and absolutely loved it. Maybe something worth looking into. I’m back in LTC now as they work better with my schedule for RN school.
  4. DavidASmithRN2B

    Does dating get easier as a male nurse in his 30s?

    Ultimately I agree with you, the company we worked for was aware that we were dating. I became the manager on a different floor than she worked, per my superiors to prevent nepotism and favoritism. There were times that I had to be her manager though (the company knew) but I treated her no differently than anyone else. I think I may have actually put more work on her because I knew she could handle it.
  5. DavidASmithRN2B

    New to the forum, in school full time.

    Hello everyone I wanted to introduce myself. I was a member of this forum years ago but I couldn’t seem to recover my login information. I am an LPN currently with 14 years of experience. I decided last year it was time to move up the proverbial latter. I enrolled into a local community college (Pellisippi State) where I am currently completing all of the pre-requisites for the LPN-RN program which I will begin next summer. Since I have a year before the bridge program begins, I am also completing all the needed BSN pre-requisites as I intend to enroll in an RN-BSN online program through East Tennessee State University. I was very interested in obtaining the BSN through Western Governors as I love the price; however, I feel for me personally the traditional route will work great because I plan to complete the BSN - DNP program at ETSU as well. The great thing about completing my pre-reqs now is that I will be able to complete the RN - BSN bridge in 2 semesters (summer and fall) ideally I should graduate with the ASN in Spring of 2022, and graduate with the BSN in the fall of 2022. Then with plenty of studying and hard work I should complete the DNP, PMHNP in the fall of 2025. Looking at it now seems like it is so far away as I’m doing this while working 32 hours on the weekends and with 4 children. If everything stays on track I will graduate with a Doctorate degree when my eldest child graduates high school. Any insight or encouragement would be fantastic. Thanks in advance. P.S. I love reading through all of the great posts on this board.