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    Second degree

    Hi Everyone. I have a BS in Exercise Science. I graduated in May of 2017. My GPA graduating was a 2.703. My science and math is very, very low - 2.18. It's very embarrassing to write. I believe this was from failing a total of 3 classes and re taking them only to get two C's and a B. I am kicking my younger self. Anyways, after I graduated I went through what I would call my lowest point as I had a misscarriage and I became depressed and extremely out of it. I decided to re take A and P at this time and only made a C- due to my horrible state of mind. This brought down my GPA to a 2.68! - amazing. I originally wanted an accelerated program but that just is not in the cards. Does anyone know of any nursing program I could get into that might cut some time but isn't accelerated? What are my options? Is my only option a traditional 4 year? Thanks