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  1. I am sort of a new grad nurse. My first job was working night shift 8hrs at a behavioral health clinic and we mostly did nothing but push meds and chart about them. My position was psych nurse but there were also medical nurses who did other things such as admission etc... So I never received enough information as to everything I may need. I now work at a nursing home and I've literally had to ASK them for everything, there's no policy/packet/book/binder for new orientees. I literally hit the floor pushing pills. That is basically it. I of course feel comfortable with the meds but I DO NOT feel comfortable about certain things that could happen and not being able to find paperwork or MISSING something that I was supposed to do. I am extremely inattentive and need to be highly organized and have a methodical approach to my work and it is very unorganized here. Although I do like it because it's 5 minutes away from me. So I will be writing a list of paperwork that I could possibly need during a 12 hr shift and I would like your help by telling me what paperwork you use and would recommend. One particular paperwork they're adamant about is dietary and psychotropic drug consent. After getting paperwork in order, I will make a large binder that I will keep with me. Thanks in advance!