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  1. Newbie_Newbie_New

    Almost 2 years in and still making mistakes

    Thank you everyone for your responses. It has helped frame this situation differently for me. I appreciate your time and hope you are all doing well!
  2. Newbie_Newbie_New

    Almost 2 years in and still making mistakes

    Hi, everyone. I just want a bit of a reality check. I have been an RN for nearly 2 years. I made it through the time where I felt I was unable to do my job. I feel I can do my job, but sometimes I make stupid mistakes. Last night I didn't order a calcium replacement for a patient when I should have. It was not life threatening, just got distracted. This morning I also transfused platelets and about 25 minutes after, the patient's lower lids got swollen. I had never seen that kind of reaction before. Got vitals, made sure he was stable and then spoke with my charge nurse who was pretty disinterested and advised I give eye drops. Day shift showed up. The nurse I gave swollen lower eyelid patient to seemed upset with me for not having treated it as a transfusion reaction. Again, neither of the transfusion reactions I have seen looked like this. We did handoff at bedside and then she just walked away from me without a word. It feels horrible. And I feel like this kind of behavior occurs often when I am handing off. The nurses I hand off to seem to go out of their way to point out how they might have done things, or use sarcasm to express judgment of how I cared for the patient. I also sometimes walk into a situation where there is something left for me to do. For a very long time, I have felt that it was because the person I am receiving report from didn't have time to in their day to address whatever it is they are passing onto me. I just don't feel that same understanding...and is it because I am making mistakes? Even when they are honest ones like what may have been a mild transfusion reaction to platelets.... I'm just not sure how to feel confident about the care I give when I get a lot of negativity from all around. Thoughts?
  3. Newbie_Newbie_New

    New nurse struggles

    I hear you. I am in a similar situation on a unit where I had worked for 2 years prior to becoming an RN. I have anxiety, which has been under control for a number of years, but is rearing its ugly head almost daily when I have to go to work. My manager told me that having so many new people is stressing out the charge nurses. I totally understand that, but feel even more isolated because I feel like I can't show any discomfort or ask for help because I am a pain. I also feel like the experienced nurses on the unit think I am stupid because I don't know the things that they do in terms of charting/hand-off/bed alarms... This then makes me feel even more anxious... The whole experience has felt very undermining. I am already thinking about getting off the floor and moving into a different environment because I feel so inadequate. Every day I feel like I am going to do something that is going to hurt a patient and then find out afterwards that what I did was the most obvious thing in the world and it was my incompetence that killed them. I am 6 months in and feeling more and more anxious. Did others have this same experience?

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