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    Hit by car on foot, return to work?

    thank you everyone. I am one class away from being a nurse. The foot kind of put clinical on hold :( at one point he said i should be able to and now he is saying no. Im just devastated and dont know how to respond in this situation :( I have included pictures of my injury. I know its very sexy right?>
  2. Hgonzalez6948

    Hit by car on foot, return to work?

    Hello everyone i am writing this because i could really use a support team right now. I was hit by a motor vehicle 2/9/18 i was 33 weeks pregnant as a pedestrian in a hit and run. I suffered 9 fractures and a severe lis frank injury my 3rd metatarsal was sticking out my foot. My son was born and 4 pounds and just turned 1. However, i had to have 7 pins put in my foot, a second surgery for removal due to a infection with a fracture debriment. I could stick my thumb on my foot. I am about to have my 3rd surgery for injections and debri still in my foot, and a 4th one in the summer for the final fusion. I am still going to college online making straight taking care of my 13 twin girls 4 daughter and 1 year old son, plus the man child! Lol! I walking some but it stays swollen and hurts a lot at night. I have some numbness in my heel and side of my leg. I truly am devastated about not being able to go back to work where my heart is. I could really use some supprot from my fellow nurses with the same passion i have because my family says it will be ok to not go back if i cant, but i dont think they understand how much that breaks my heart, even though the dr agreed it may not be best law or sedentary nurse work wouldn't be a very good option for me with the swelling and when i don't move for a while it hurts, movement makes the pain a little easier then letting it throb and swell thank you for reading my soapbox! Happy easter everyone!