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  1. WinterEbb

    Roseman University BSN (Fall 2019 Cohort)

    Hey everyone, I think I might be headed to South Jordan if everything goes well. Before I jump the gun, do you guys know if Roseman honors ACADEMIC RENEWAL? NursingCAS does not calculate or recognize it. I have a few blemishes.. Stats: 4.0 Science, 3.7 Cum, 78% TEAS. I literally have like 3-4 F's that got academic renewal and ton of Withdrawals -_- For those who got in and is browsing still, do you mind sharing ya stats?
  2. Hi riri, do you midn sharing yoru stats you had to get into Roseman? Any tips for the interview? I am anxious and wanted to prepare a bit!


    Thank you

  3. Hey Khaleesy did you get in to Roseman? Do you mind sharing your stats or any hitns for the itnerview? Thanks


    1. Khaleesy


      Hello @WinterEbb!

      Yes, I was accepted in the Henderson campus. My stats are 3.72 (overall gpa), 3.22 (science and math gpa) and 89.3 for the TEAS. I was interviewed in March, and the interview itself was quick and simple. It was more of the waiting period that I dreaded. 

      You will be given a quick tour of the campus and they will do a presentation onto which they will touch upon financial aid and give you more information about Roseman. After that, you will be asked to do the writing portion.  Everyone will have their own set of questions. You will get two questions, and you can decide which one you want to write about. In fifteen minutes, some were able to write a full page, but the length didn’t really matter because they were just looking on the punctuation.

      The interview will start right after the writing portion is done. There will be no specific order that the names are called, it’s just random. The lady who interviewed me was nice and straightforward - there's usually 2 people in the interview, but for my case, it was just her. However, another lady went in as we were wrapping up. The questions were situational, and I felt comfortable talking to my interviewer; it was almost just conversation. My interview lasted less than 20 mins. After your interview, you will be allowed to leave. I think I left Roseman before 3:30pm. The questions may vary depending on the interviewer. The questions that I was asked were: (For the essay) To describe how I managed multiple tasks/goals in my academic life. (For the interview) I was asked to tell them about myself, why do I want to be a nurse, why I chose Roseman, and provide a situation when there was a misunderstanding/conflict with a colleague and how it was resolved. I received my acceptance letter 2 weeks later.                                                                                                                                                            Just be on time, and be yourself. Good luck on your interview. Hope you do well. 

  4. Hey i am interviewing the South Jordan campus, do you mind sharing your stats with me? I am so anxious to get in. Thanks

  5. Hey, I might be interviewing for South Jordan Utah. If everything goes well maybe we could find a room thing if you are not situated yet. Before I jump the gun, I was wondering what your stats were to get in?


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