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CTFD_RN has 2 years experience as a BSN and specializes in ER.

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  1. CTFD_RN

    How does your ER handle level 3 ESI pts?

    An example of a 3V would be flu like symptoms, NV, pelvic pain, UTI symptoms in a generally healthy adult ect. A 3H would be ABD pain, generalized weakness in elderly without CP, cellulitis with failed outpatient treatment ect. Stuff that would generally require/receive an admission for further testing or monitoring.
  2. CTFD_RN

    How does your ER handle level 3 ESI pts?

    This is what I am talking about. We have some providers that order a head CT, IV fluids and IV meds (migraine cocktail) for every HA pt. Management seems to think it is a nursing problem when it is more complex than that. They keep trying different "systems" in order to speed up the process with no real results. Their current 'solution' is to have a zone for these pts whereas the pt is pulled to a room, triaged (if needed, we also triage up front), provider sees, orders in, orders and meds carried out and then pt back to lobby to await results. It sounds do-able but it is often not the case. Pts are coming back 3, 4, 5+ at a time and we (providers and nursing) can't keep up the flow. Or they are more complex than their CC made it seem. Or not appropriate to send back to lobby ect ect. Next thing you know we have 1/2 the zone filled/clogged. It just feels like an assembly line. Do other places do it this way too?
  3. CTFD_RN

    How does your ER handle level 3 ESI pts?

    I am asking what process you use to get these type of pts seen and dispo’ed. Our current process leaves them in the lobby for a long time and/or they take up rooms for longer than our goal time.
  4. We get a lot of ESI level 3 pts at my ER. We splint into 3Hs (for likely admits) and 3Vs (for treat & street). We have a FastTrack for level 4s&5s but our level 3s are clogging up the ER. What system does your ER use to see these pts? We keep trying new ways to get these pts seen quickly but nothing seems to be the solution. We are a 80 bed Level 1 Trauma ER.
  5. CTFD_RN

    Brain sheet for ED?

    Ditto to all of the above. The only time I use paper is either for an SBAR printed on my admitted pts that I use to stay organized on admitting orders or the paper towel I write VS on in my pts room so I don't have to log on to the computer.
  6. CTFD_RN

    New grad with a BSN salary?

    TN doesn't pay well, at all. $19/hr is spot on. I don't think KY does either unless you work at a rural hospital.
  7. CTFD_RN

    ED staffing ratios

    We are assigned 4 rooms and if it gets bad then we also have a hall pt. Ideally we would be 3:1. We have a flow system where we "pull to full" and then start triaging and protocoling out of the lobby.