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    Fiancé considering starting all over to become Pharmacist

    Thanks for all the feedback so far. I agree we shouldn’t add on to our debt situation which brings me here to find other options to present to her. As far as what she likes about nursing, I think she truly enjoys helping others. She’s very selfless so when it comes to helping others she doesn’t mind going the extra mile. What she dislikes about the job is when patients/family members demand this from her. You all know what I mean I’m sure you’ve been there. What’s drawing her back to the pharmacist field I think is just not dealing with people so directly. Working with patients on the other side of the counter and not so personal. She also loves to organize which I’m sure you need to be being a pharmacist. I kind of like the part time idea. Maybe it’s something to consider in the future when we get a couples bills paid of soon. But ultimately I agree that there must be some position that she can work towards that will not require her to go back to school for another 7 years or so. What type of nurse practitioner should I suggest she research?
  2. Let me start by saying I’m not a nurse I can only experience what you all go through through the things my Fiancé tells me after work. She comes home and is physically and mentally drained. And the days before work her spirits drop just thinking about having to return to work. My biggest question for you all is where should she go from here. She’s been a registered nurse for about 3 years now between 2 different hospitals. From the things she tells me about some of the peoples reaction, she seems like an amazing nurse. But she’s at the point where she is considering going back to school to become a pharmacist. She gained a respect for this industry while she was in school she was working at a pharmacy for about 5 years. I ultimately don’t want to see her so upset about work of course but I’m also trying to keep our financial future in mind. If we did the math right going back to school to become a pharmacist will cost nearly 100k on top of the student loans that we both already have. I just wanted to throw it out there and see if anyone has been through this or even thought about it. What other options does she have? I really would appreciate any feedback on this topic because as I mentioned this isn’t my field. Thanks for reading!