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    LVN probation

    hello nurses I really need your help right now. Im glad i found this website here's my situation the LVN board lawyer in CA wants me to settle for a 3 year probation for documentation error i did 3 years ago. My lawyer is suggesting that I should accept it and just settle it with the board. Heres the background to the story. 3 years ago I signed a medication but it was not given, it wasnt intentional because we dont carry MAR during that time it was an honest mistake. I told the DON that I will correct my documentation but after an hour or 2 of telling her that she called me to her office and wrote me up then suspended me, because according to her there wws complaints from the family that I did not give the medications without given me the chance to correct my documentations. To make story short i got suspended for 3 days. After 3 days suspension I am supposed to go back to work but the the DON texted not to clock in and to see her in her office and that day they gave me the termination paper, so ok fine I accepted it, I moved on after 2 years I received a letter from the board that there was a complaint against me by my employer. I admitted to the board the mistake i did. So now my lawyer is indicating that I should settle it with the board for 3 years probation and I have to pay for the investigation fee. My question should I fight it or should I just accept and agree to the settlement? During that time we don't have MAR during the med pass, the outgoing nurse pre pour all the evening medications and I handle atleast 30-40 patients. Please I need your answer ASAP hopefully you can help me decide on what to do.