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  1. USMC2RN89

    IV push meds alcohol swabs

    Question what is best practice when giving IV push medications through saline lock port swab with alcohol give flush then give med or swab give flush swab again and give med? I’ve heard and seen it done both ways let me know
  2. USMC2RN89

    New Grad CVICU

    Good Morning all, I am about to start my nursing career in the Cardiac ICU. I interned in a MICU before for any critical care nurses I have two weeks til I start what topics should I review so I make a good impression and am well prepared ? Thank you all and I am very excited to gain wisdom from you
  3. USMC2RN89

    How to get into ICU?

    Thank you your advice means a lot question would telemetry help me be competitive as well since you are the in between for the icu and progressive care
  4. USMC2RN89

    How to get into ICU?

    Good morning, I am a soon to be new grad nurse I am a prior Marine and am also the valedictorian of my cohort it as an adn program I am also interning in the ICU I interviewed for two positions at Hopkins for the ICU floor and telemetry I was offered a job on the telemetry floor but the ICU said they want a bsn and it’s very hard for a new grad to get in despite my experience. I am looking forward to telemetry and working on my bsn but I wanted to ask what can I do to be more competitive for the ICU while I am working? Are there recommendations for nurses on how to transition to the ICU? Please let me know Respectfully usmc2rn89

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