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  1. I’m currently enrolled in a ADN nursing program and I will say nursing school has been one of the most challenging things I’ve ever been through. I currently just failed my 4th semester of nursing HOWEVER it was not because of my grade in the class because I had a 84% at the end of my 4th semester after taking our final hesi for 4th semester and the cumulative hesi which encompasses all semesters of nursing. I passed EVERY exam in my 4th semester with an 80% or higher (we have a test every week in my program) and at the end of our 4th semester we have a clinical skill eval that we either pass or fail and if we fail we get an automatic clinical failure which means you have to repeat 4th semester all over again. Some people have testing anxiety well I have skill eval anxiety. I do extremely well in clinical settings when I’m with my instructor and never had my instructor tell me I needed to step up my game but with skill evals I always get really nervous and do not do good AT ALL. But the fact that I failed my entire 4th semester and have to repeat it bc of 1 skill eval just has me devistated since I was 5 whole points above my schools passing grade. I feel like my life is pretty much on stand still for the next 7 months to wait and do something at the end of the semester since I already have all the notes and passed every exam my first go round. If anyone has any advice on how to get over something like this it would be greatly appreciated 


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