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  1. I read through the book maybe a month and a half before the exam, after taking I felt like that book gave you what you needed and a lot of filler to boot. If you can do basic cup to gallon conversions, the metric system, and how to do math with a calculator; you should be fine. The grammar/reading based questions aren't world ending take it seriously though and eliminate answers until you find the best, that will help you down the road. Knowing your anatomy as well the layers of the systems and the basic functions, the stuff you don't know make sure you know it. They ask questions from 1 and 2 and it is a long test so don't let it burn you out.
  2. Hello, im a first semester nursing student trying to take it to the next level job wise by getting into the hospital. I have my exam tomorrow and am attempting to prepare as best as possible. What i'm honestly looking for right now are the "pro-tips" of sorts. What do i absolutely need to keep on my mind at all times other than safety, privacy, infection control? If you happened to have failed your exam, why did it happen? I don't wanna overthink it but I do want to take it seriously thank you all for your help.
  3. The Holy Cross/North Broward work is due today on complio correct?
  4. Did we have math class today? The schedule says 8/22 but then it says Monday 4-450, says 9/23 next to it as well. This is different from the class which says it ends on the 19th.
  5. Do you think we really need the 6th edition of the pharmacology book? The instructor allows laptops and I was able to secure a 4th edition, i'm working on the 5th.
  6. 1. Does anyone know what the 9/23-9/23 for the Math class on our schedule means? 2. For tuesday does anyone know what we will be doing for clinical and if we really need to be there at 6 am for the first day? 3. Do any of you know if they care of you get another edition of the pharmacology book?
  7. 1. Where did you buy your shoes from does anyone have a link or something? 2. Do I wear my uniform to pharmacology and math? 3. Are we going to the hospital the first week?
  8. Hey I start the program next week and was wondering if anyone in the program can answer like 2 questions for me? 1. How soon did you use your Process 1 kit that is available in the bookstore I may be late buying it. 2. Where did you buy your shoes from does anyone have a link or something? 3. Do I wear my uniform to pharmacology and math? 4. Are we going to the hospital the first week?
  9. 1. thats great news, are they requiring some type of working obligation after graduation? 2. Also, what forms do they want can I turn them in early?
  10. Hey im going to careersource for my orientation on wednesday to try to get aid. About how long did the process take for those who did it? What is their commitment for giving aid?
  11. I’m riding up to the school now to grab the bundle I left my orientation notes can you tell me what those 3 were?
  12. The bundle is everything we need for the semester correct?
  13. How long did it take for the drug test to come back? What does it mean by hepatitis series my shot record shows I got the B a long time ago but no series, I got the B titer like i was supposed to do I need to do something else about that?
  14. djh018

    Broward College January 2019

    Hey i'm gonna apply for the August 2019 Class soon and had some last minute questions: 1. I took my English courses in high school and got AP credit so I don't have an actual grade for it. How does this factor in for my qualifying GPA? 2. I plan to submit my application by the end of this week, my question is; how large is the competition pool, if you wait until the 30th will they tell you no they have to many? How long did it take for you guys to get your acceptance or rejection? Does your overall GPA ever come into play? Thanks for your help.
  15. djh018

    Broward College January 2019

    Hey if anyone is still reading this I had a couple of questions I need help with, im attempting to apply for the August 2019 come the end of may. 1. How do I calculate my pre req GPA, im very worried I won't get in I have As in all my anatomy lectures and lab except for 2 where the lecture may end a C. Im scared this will deter me and I freak out about it daily. My English grade is an AP credit so it won't be involved as far as I know. 2. Do I put on the application which campus I want to do the program at? Which one do you truly recommend? 3. Everyone is giving a lot of HESI help links but is there one that high scorers on this forum can at least agree on is good to work with? Im gonna take it next week. 4. Do they drug test at clinics? 5. Can you taking nursing classes over the summer so you aren't stuck doing the fall/spring track forever and possibly speeding you up by a semester or so? 6. When would you recommend I do microbiology, and should I do it at broward? 7. I've heard a few stories of racism in the program, can anybody give their experience on this? 8. I saw a couple of flyers talking about scholarships for nursing students, if anyone has recieved them how hard are the qualifications and what does that entail? Thank you for any info you can give me and if I get in I am more than willing to purchase materials from whomever is selling so thanks in advance.
  16. So wait, can I apply to multiple programs? If I wanted to apply north and central would that require 2 applications and 2 fees?

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