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  1. DMartin1

    Anyone been in a monitoring program more than once?

    Well thats good that they didnt discipline you as yet. All these comments from everyone gives me hope! They really do take forever though!
  2. DMartin1

    Anyone been in a monitoring program more than once?

    Oh i have a nurses attorney. Hes just telling me to wait and see what the board decides. I just feel they are dragging their feet. Its been nearly 3 years since these allegations were made about me and its still in the investigation process. My lawyer said its not uncommen for them to take forever. But i would think if they really thought i was a threat to the public they would have taken action faster. I dont know though. These people are really not my friends, although im grateful to still be practicing nursing
  3. DMartin1

    Anyone been in a monitoring program more than once?

    I just have one more question for you......if they were going to suspend or revoke my license do you think it would have already happened? This has been going on 3 years now since these allegations were made against me
  4. DMartin1

    Anyone been in a monitoring program more than once?

    Well that gives me hope. I will do whatever they say too. My nursing license is worth keeping. I need it to make a living and feed my family too. I had thought about surrenduring my license but that wouldnt be a smart decision because i dont have any other skills. Im sure it would be hard to get any job if i did that. What state are you in? Im in washington state and our board of nursing is pretty tough here, but im glad there are programs that allow nurses to continue practicing. I would probably end up homeless without my license.
  5. DMartin1

    Anyone been in a monitoring program more than once?

    But you still got to keep your license right? I know im going to have some kind of discipline for my sloppy documentation, but i dont think i need to be back in the monitoring program, but it doesnt matter how i feel. I have a lawyer who advocates for nurses and he is a nurse himself, but hes not very aggressive with the BON.
  6. DMartin1

    Anyone been in a monitoring program more than once?

    Thankyou for your feedback. Im in a situation where i was in the program 10 years ago and i completed it. I have made some documentation errors since then and they did involve administration of oxycodone which i did administer to the patient, but my documentation was sloppy. I admit that. The facility called the state and reported me for this. I did not divert this time. But im wondering if the board could force me back into the program even though there is no solid proof that i diverted. I have heard they can do whatever they want even without proof, probably based on my history. I have since started very carefully dotted my I s and crossing my Ts
  7. Will the BON allow nurses to enter into a monitoring program more than once? In place of disciplinary action? How common is this?
  8. DMartin1

    PLEASE HELP...WHPS friendly employers anywhere?

    Hi. I was once in whps and completed the program in 2009. I'm not in whps any longer, but since that time, I unfortunately have made some med errors that involve inconsistent documentation of oxycodone. I wasnt diverting this time but due to past history, the state decided because of my recent documentation errors and that it did involve narcotics that I have been forced to be monitored again for 2 years. It's not a whps contract this time but I am required to have a worksite monitor and my license will now be stamped probation for 2 years. Have you found a job? If so can you share with me who might be open to hiring someone like me? Thanks for any feedback!
  9. I just want to add that one of the allegations the nursing board has made against me is 100 percent false. Can anyone give me feedback? Do they need to have proof to impose sanctions on my license?

  10. Hello. Im new to the group and the state has put charges on my license for documentation errors. One of the errors they are saying i made is false. I have hired an attorney.  Anyone else been through this?


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