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  1. I live in the far north and want to move farther south to a nicer climate. The University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville looks interesting. I would like to know more before deciding about contacting them or applying for a job. I saw some mention on the internet that their pay for nurses is low but could not find any specific number. I have a BSN and currently earning $30 an hour. Any information would be appreciated.
  2. LewisDanielUSA

    12 hr night nurses-how many recovery days?

    Zero. I keep basically the same schedule on days I am not working. The only difference is that I go to sleep a couple hours earlier when I am not working.
  3. LewisDanielUSA

    Cerner or Epic - Which do you prefer?

    I currently work at a hospital that uses Cerner EHR and am doing great with it. I want to work at a larger hospital and will have more options available if I am willing to switch to Epic (which I have never used). As a nurse, what do you think of using Epic? For nurses who have used both Cerner and Epic, which system do you prefer?