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  1. Dylan22

    Anyone with a BS in Psych and in LPN school?

    Honestly, this is incredibly helpful information! Thank you so much!! I will keep you updated on the path that I choose. Good luck on your journey!
  2. Hey, I obtained my BS in Psych and am halfway done with LPN school. I know this has been discussed before but has anyone gone to ADN and then get a Masters without having to complete the BSN? Does the BS in Psych count or do I definitely need a BSN in order to advance to MSN? Not necessarily FNP but more like Masters in Nursing Informatics. Thanks in advance!
  3. Dylan22

    NYU ABSN Spring 2020

    Hey, does anyone know if NYU Accelerated Nursing Programs accepts courses from Portage Learning? Thanks in advance!
  4. Dylan22

    MGH IHP DE NP 2019

    @FutureCNM8 This is great ! Thanks!!!
  5. Dylan22

    MGH IHP DE NP 2019

    @ACoolGoose Hey that's awesome! It is great that you already know the program of your choice. Pre-med is already a tough track so I am sure the courses you took will look great to admissions staff. Personally, EMT experience has actually led me into the medical field and after mush research, NP seemed to stand out the most to me. Your experiences, however, are amazing! It shows just how excited and passionate you are about the psych route!! Keep it up! I want to relay the same advice that @Linaa21x has said to me; which is to be ready to determine why NP over MD or PA. In my undergrad, many people have switched over to PA after MD for various reasons. A ton of them are unaware of what an NP is. Although you said that you ultimately chose NP over MD, be prepared to your reasons for NP over PA as well! I am ultimately going to with Portage Learning and i will let you know of my experience ASAP! Looking forward to joining the same DEN 2020 class as you haha!
  6. Dylan22

    MGH IHP DE NP 2019

    Hey! Thanks so much. It makes me feel better to hear that you are a psych major with pretty much the same gpa as me. I will be sure to rock the GRE! Oh wow! That is a huge piece of advice. I hadn't realized that admissions could see me as a possible PA and MD candidate as opposed to NP. I have only wanted to be an NP for numerous reasons so it did not occur to me that others might think otherwise haha. Defend my decision through life experiences huh? Thanks! That's great advice; one that I have never thought about. I will look into that ASAP! Thank you all willing to help me :) much appreciated!
  7. Dylan22

    MGH IHP DE NP 2019

    Aww man. The GRE! Haven't taken it yet but I will start studying for it this summer. Thanks for the heads up. I am def going to focus a lot on other aspects of my application along with improving the GPA. You have been incredibly helpful! Thanks again!!
  8. Dylan22

    MGH IHP DE NP 2019

    Thank you soooooo much for the speedy reply! Congrats on making the career transition and realizing your passion. I too started college with an intention for a different career track. I initially started to study for law enforcement to join the police academy but after working as an EMT and at many at urgent cares, I realized my true calling! My gpa is slightly lower than that but I am glad that they look at the application holistically! I am working towards improving my gpa to at least 3.5 prior to graduation! And great! I will submit an inquiry form soon! Thank you again! You are the best haha! You were very helpful!
  9. Dylan22

    MGH IHP DE NP 2019

    Hey guys, congrats to all those who got accepted! I look forward to joining you guys next year 2020. I am going to apply to the MGH IHP DEN program as I'm completing my bachelors of science in psychology and will graduate next semester. I was wondering what that stats are for accepted students. This includes gpa and gre. Along with this, do they accept Portage Learning classes as pre reqs? Thanks in advance!