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  1. cwalker8

    Tidewater Community College Fall 2020

    Hi all! I'm a student who just finished first semester in the nursing program. We have a FB page set up for you guys who get in to help you navigate through your first semester. We can offer you answers to questions, study tips and tricks etc...this was done for us and helped many to successfully complete their first semester. Let me know if you are interested.
  2. cwalker8

    Tidewater Community College Spring 2020

    I'm so sorry you didn't get in. Don't give up! For anyone who does get in, we have a FB page set up for you. I am one of the admins and have completed first semester. Several of us wanted to help you guys navigate your first semester with tips, answers to questions, study tricks etc....This was done for us and helped many of us succeed through a difficult semester. Hope we can help you too. Let me know if you are interested.
  3. It's a cumulative score...when do you take it?
  4. I honestly don't remember much about the chemistry portion. I did well on it but studied a lot for it. What has caused you to be stuck on that part?
  5. I used the Elsevier HESI test prep book and every online practice test I could find. I also used the Hesi prep app and bought the full version. I practiced questions everyday and studied last year over Christmas break for about a month. I would spend hours a day reviewing and practicing. Some have done it with much less study but I knew I wanted a high grade.
  6. It just depends on the semester. They award points for your grades and HESI. The highest scores get the spots until they are gone. Most students this semester have A's and B's in everything and above an 82 on HESI, all pre-reqs and most but not all co-reqs. But last semester I didn't get in with a 4.0 and a 95 on the HESI but was missing one co-req. So it just depends....
  7. It is not for Tidewater. All other subjects are included. Ask any other questions!
  8. Hi do you have any advice for the HESI I would be over the moon if I got a 95%!!! congrats! I am applying for the fall 2020 cohort

  9. Bio 142 and 150 are considered co-reqs meaning you can take them once in the program. However, having said that, you probably won't get in without taking them. You get extra points for having them completed. Last semester I applied having a bachelor's degree already plus an A in all pre-reqs and a 95 on the HESI. The only thing I had not done was those 2 classes. I did not get in.
  10. I'm applying for spring 2020 and took the HESI already. Scored a 95. I'm about to get ready to go to class, but this evening I'll post some tips I used.
  11. I'm in A&P 2 currently and am taking micro this summer.
  12. It must because I'm currently finishing my co-reqs and didn't have them finished when I applied. That's the only thing I can figure. I'll be applying again in August and will apply to ODU next year if need be. Was going to finish the BSN there anyway (my husband is a professor there).
  13. Yes I have a bachelor's too...3.3GPA. Taking 142 now and micro this summer. A's in everything else. I'm a little confused to say the least.
  14. Do y'all mind sharing your courses and grades as well as HESI score? I didn't get in but had A's in all my pre-reqs and a 95 on the HESI. I haven't completed my co-reqs so am wondering if that's the issue. Will have those done this summer. Just trying to guage what else I need to do. Thanks

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