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  1. ChrisM0911

    Rio Hondo Fall 2019 ADN Program

    Anyone on the waitlist make sure you attend tomorrow. I just received acceptance to my first choice and will not be continuing the process. My spot will be vacant tomorrow for the next waitlisted provisional student. Good luck to everyone!
  2. Any word on Generic Acceptance emails from Citrus ADN besides that one guy last night? That really got me concerned again that the letters all got sent out. Do you know anyone else that applied? Do you remember your point total? Really trying to figure out where I could have issues and what the list cut off was. Feel free to email chrism0911@gmail.com or resound here. Sorry didn't want to keep posting on that site... Seems to worsen the situation. 

  3. ChrisM0911

    Citrus College Fall 2019

    Yeah, I hear you. I've been at work since yesterday morning. I get off shift tomorrow morning so this is my best update till then. Like my buddy said since they'll be thrown into the 2nd year program during summer or so that is probably why they needed to notify them first. Hopefully we'll get something by the end of this week.
  4. ChrisM0911

    Citrus College Fall 2019

    It might be and really hoping it is! Just heard back from my buddy who got accepted and I thought he did the generic. He did the Advanced (LVN) application, I guess he had his LVN a few semesters ago. So wondering if anyone from Generic Application has received any notification? I've only heard and read of LVN confirmations so far. Keeping everyone in prayer and hope everything works out!
  5. ChrisM0911

    Citrus College Fall 2019

    Curious on the time stamp of your email? His was at 9:47am so wondering if a group email or individual.
  6. ChrisM0911

    Citrus College Fall 2019

    A buddy just got his acceptance email and he also did the generic application.
  7. ChrisM0911

    Citrus College Fall 2019

    Congrats! I'm worried something is up with my application (Generic: 81 pts, 4.0 Science, 3.7 General, A.S. Degree, EMT work exp., Need to work, All pre-reqs met)

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