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    4 years, 8th time, finally passed the NCLEX RN!!!

    I got a job immediately with no refresher. Its after 5 years they require it I believe, at least here in CO.
  2. I thought I would finally share my story! I graduated at the end of 2014 and took the NCLEX RN by February of 2015. I sadly failed. So I tried again once the 45 day period was up. Failed again. So I tried again. When I failed the 3rd time I was ready to give up. My state only allowed you 3 attempts. I could have applied for a 4th time and taken the refresher course but my licensing advisor stated that the board was denying the majority of those applications. I was so defeated. I decided to find another way to take it. I applied through another state which allowed 10 attempts with in 5 years of graduating. Fast forward to 2019. I had taken it 4 more times since. Life happened so each time was further apart time wise. After I failed in June/July 2018 for the 7th time I almost couldnt bare telling my loved ones. I was so discouraged. My husband was my rock. No matter how many times I failed and wanted to give up he pushed me and reassured me that this was my calling. This is what I was meant to do and that I would pass it. I realized that I was nearing my 5 year limit from graduation so I had to do my best and not let that stress me out. March 2019 I drove across the state, sat in the same waiting room I had the last 7 times, and just prayed and reassured myself i could do it. My computer *** of at 88ish questions! I nearly freaked out thinking I failed. But with my experience with this test you can fail at 75 or 265 questions, I have done both, so I tried not to think that way. 2 days later I found out I had passed. I was in shock, speechless. I didn't know how to feel. I texted my husband and he called me right a way to congratulate me and to say "I told you so!" I had tried nearly every study program: lippincott, Hurst, Kaplan, uworld, ncsbn, Saunders book, and countless other books. I finally found the ones that fit me. I received recordings from a friend of Mark Klimek's lectures and used NCLEX RN Mastery. I am more of a audio(listening)/hands on type of learner so this worked for me. I have heard some people say if you have failed ___ number of times "maybe you weren't made to be a nurse." I dont want you or anyone to think or feel that way. If I can do it you can to. You just need to find the thing that works best for you. If you are struggling DO NOT GIVE UP. If this is what you want go for it til you get it! Amber RN