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  1. Beachwave

    NCLEX U world

    Keep doing the questions! I was getting the same scores on U-World and passed the NCLEX this past week! Just read all rationales!
  2. Beachwave

    Passed NCLEX! -UWorld

    Just saw at midnight my California RN license number on the board site! Literally everything people are saying about the timing of when results come out is spot on. So for those waiting, it will appear! I want to say to all those preparing to take the NCLEX that it is possible to pass. It’s a test I was scared of for so long, especially after I did poorly on my HESIs. NCLEX is so easier compared to that. I used U-World. It is worth the money. The rationales connected all the dots for me. Read all right and wrong rationales. I always took notes of the areas I was having a hard time with. It really works wonders. I recommend this. Also, don’t worry if your scoring low on practice tests. I was at a range of 60% on those tests and I passed. U-World’s questions are much harder, but I learned that is because if we have that critical thinking mindset, then the questions won’t be as hard on the exam. I’m a terrible test taker and U-world helped me tackle my “reading in to the question.” My exam stopped at 105 questions. It does not matter if you pass 75. Take a deep breathe and keep going! Remember to take breaks. I did and bring coffee Believe in yourself. For the longest time I didn’t believe in me, but I saw the light of God tonight at 12am He was my strength! Mostly, take your time and don’t rush! If you have any questions, let me know!
  3. Beachwave

    NCLEX in 75 questions and good PVT pop up!

    Use U-World! The rationales are the best and really helped me understand the why behind the answer being right and wrong. I’m not a good test taker and this helped me have more confidence. Focus on your weak areas first. Mine was the heart and remembering skills.
  4. Beachwave

    NCLEX in 75 questions and good PVT pop up!

    I took my NCLEX yesterday, got the good pop-up!!! U-World helped me so much!!!
  5. Beachwave

    2019 NCLEX, UWORLD- Boom Bam Wowee

    One more question. Do we get a notepad and pen (paper) or is it on the computer? I hope it’s paper!!
  6. Beachwave

    2019 NCLEX, UWORLD- Boom Bam Wowee

    Thank you! You should be so proud of yourself!
  7. Beachwave

    2019 NCLEX, UWORLD- Boom Bam Wowee

    I am using U-World and take my test on Tuesday. I’m really nervous and am going to pay attention to wording as you mentioned. I feel like it’s all about how I am answering the questions. I am going to pray too, it has gotten me this far! Any advice on test fatigue?
  8. Beachwave

    NCLEX 4/30

    Hello, I take my NCLEX on 4/30. Really nervous. I have been using U-World. For those who took it, was it really that bad? Anyone have U-World and feel it helped on the exam? thank you!
  9. Beachwave

    NCLEX Help!!

    How did you feel about the NCLEX overall? I take mine on 4/30 and have U world!! Freaking out lol
  10. Beachwave

    New NCLEX Format

    Congrats on passing! I have U-World and it has been very helpful. I take mine the 30th. Is the NCLEX more easier than HESI?