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  1. CCSF Spring 2018

    Hello! I know this thread is a little old but if anyone is selling their CCSF scrubs I'm willing to buy them! Please let me know if you or a friend are trying to get rid of them ?
  2. Santa Rosa JC Nursing 2019

    @luvnursing19 Upon further reading I see that the CNECM program is operating for SRJC->SSU, while the traditional post-licensure program is not. This is good news in the sense that, at least, there is an option for beginning to earn a BSN while st...
  3. Santa Rosa JC Nursing 2019

    Oh I see what you mean luvnursing19. I wish it were more clear! Please let me know what you find out when you call...I’m sure having a current BSN bridge program is important to a lot of us applicants ?
  4. Santa Rosa JC Nursing 2019

    Oh, if you could send me the link to what you were looking at, that would be great!! I have been looking on the SSU RN to BSN webpage, which says they are not admitting students. I couldn't find any other useful info regarding the topic! https://web....
  5. Santa Rosa JC Nursing 2019

    Thanks for the input! NCLEX pass rate for SRJC is 97% and CCSF is 92%...both very good!! Commuting doesn't seem ideal; however, a bridge to BSN program is something I'm weighing heavily. CCSF offers a concurrent BSN with SFSU. SRJC used to have one w...
  6. Santa Rosa JC Nursing 2019

    Just looking for people's opinions/experiences...I got into CCSF and SRJC for Fall 2019. I'm weighing out pro's and con's. What school would you pick?
  7. Santa Rosa JC Nursing 2019

    I got accepted for Fall 2019!! Congrats everyone ??
  8. Santa Rosa JC Nursing 2019

    Yeah everyone's getting anxious because last year notifications were given out on 5/25! In 2017 they sent them out on 6/1. Seems like they tell everyone mid-June but actually notify sooner than that ? https://allnurses.com/santa-rosa-junior-college-f...
  9. Santa Rosa JC Nursing 2019

    Maybe today's not gonna be the day ? Gosh they really keep us in suspense!
  10. College of Marin Nursing 2019

    No I did not get an email with my points ?
  11. Santa Rosa JC Nursing 2019

    Did anyone hear anything yet?? Anxiously waiting as I know around this time is when people were getting notified in the previous years... ?
  12. College of Marin Nursing 2019

    I emailed the nursing dept and they responded this morning saying all admissions for multi-criteria point selection and lottery have concluded. I was a bit frustrated that no notification was sent to those not chosen. They posted on the website that ...
  13. Santa Rosa JC Nursing 2019

    I don’t know why they wait so long to let us know! Most other schools have already sent out notifications and people have accepted slots. I hope in the future they realign their timeline
  14. City College of San Francisco Fall 2019

    John3219, I was at #83. I didn’t think I had a chance but I guess I was wrong!
  15. City College of San Francisco Fall 2019

    I got the phone call offering me a spot, I’m so stoked! I didn’t think I’d get called since I’m so far down the waitlist. I suppose it truly is a waiting game, best of luck to everyone! The orientation is on 5/21