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    New Grad ICU Exhaustion / Advice Needed

    I am currently a new grad in the ICU. I moved for this opportunity after having the doors close on pediatric RN Residencies. I have always wanted to be a part of a RN Residency Program, because of the increase in knowledge and support it gives new grads in transitioning to a RN. I am coming up to my 8 month mark and am finding myself feeling defeated and exhausted at times. We take 3 patients daily with total care in the ICU. It can be daunting at times, but I have a wonderful co-workers who make my job possible. Recently my husband may have landed a dream job offer near all our friends and family... However, I am nervous to leave a place that gave me a chance as a new grad only after nine months, but am also missing everyone and would love to be back home, and working in area that may be better staffed. Any advice on leaving as a new grad after 8 months? How important do you find those close connects in this career path? Also what helped you combat the exhaustion and defeat?