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  1. Hello there I am curious to how your study went?

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    Survey for NRP trained nurses

    I am a Masters Computer Science student. I'm doing research for an Education Technology class on simulation in health care. Clinical simulation for healthcare professionals teaches procedures and keeps professionals up to date on the current practice and technology. The simulators allow health care professionals to approach situations that promote the practicing of procedures without introducing patient risk. When comparing simulated training to training without simulators, simulations increase practitioner knowledge, skill, and ability and have a moderate impact on patient outcomes. The study will include a short simulated virtual patient scenario with an anonymous survey. So, really I'm looking for responses that show what's good/bad in the scenario and hopefully how to improve. The link to the survey is https://forms.gle/rYavDiNmRGAjdwhPA Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you for your time.