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  1. Addisyn

    Columbia basin college Nursing 2019

    I’m so nervous too! And I think she means by Friday they will be mailed out so we should get them Saturday? The mail comes on Saturday right? Lol. What are everyone’s scores? Mines a 26.42 or something like that. I got a 77.6 on the teas and 3.9 GPA. I’m soooooooo nervous
  2. Addisyn

    Columbia basin college Nursing 2019

    I called and they said they should arrive by the end of this week. Oh my gosh I am sooooooo nervous. I have a feeling I’m going to be put on the 1-10 wait list. My score is a 26.424. I really hope I just don’t straight up get declined
  3. Addisyn

    Columbia basin college Nursing 2019

    Wow everyone’s index score is super high. Everyone so far who replied to this should totally get in. Mine is a 26.425. So, I’m just right there on the edge. I can’t imagine the cutoff being even higher this year then last because the only reason there was a drastic difference between last years and the year before lasts is because they added the two extra points for last years (doing a medical related program through CBC) so, the scores jumped in the 2018 application compared to the 2017. I don’t think that this year will look much different from 2018. I think the lowest score accepted will probably be around a 26.4. Hopefully that is the case! I’m super nervous. Hopefully if I’m not accepted I’m put on the 1-10 wait list.