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  1. Hi all! My name is Shai and I wanted to start a thread for everyone applying to USF Tampa's Summer 2020 Second Degree Bachelors Program. With the deadline rapidly approaching, I thought a thread would be helpful
  2. ohwhyshai

    Thoughts on Accelerated BSN + MSN

    Good morning everyone, I recently got into the Emory ABSN + MSN program and have a few questions. I am wondering how the nursing community treats new grad NPs who have no prior experience working as a nurse. With this program, I will be getting both my bsn and msn within about 2 years and it will obviously be hard for me to work as a nurse while getting my masters since this is an accelerated program. I wondering if after I graduate I should get a job as a nurse instead of jumping straight into an NP position, despite having my masters already just to gain more experience or if I'll be fine with going straight into an NP position. I am a little nervous of how many facilities will actually hire an NP with no prior nursing experience. If anyone has been through a similar program or has any insight on this, please feel free to comment below. Any information helps. Side note: Please refrain from saying that I should just get my bachelor's through an accelerated program and not both my bsn and msn because the double program is what is right for me at this current time. Thanks!
  3. ohwhyshai

    Emory ABSN+MSN 2020

    Yeah I had a 3.65
  4. ohwhyshai

    Emory ABSN+MSN 2020

    I actually didn’t take the gre and I got accepted. I was planning on taking it but got my acceptance before I actually got the chance to register for it. If you have a competitive application you should be good
  5. ohwhyshai

    Emory ABSN+MSN 2020

    I got accepted via early decision back in August and I had all my prereqs complete
  6. Hi guys! I have a few questions as I am about to start nursing school and am looking into what I will do after I graduate. I recently got accepted to Emory's Accelerated BSN + MSN program and after I graduate I will come out with my Masters in Nursing. With that being said, I have been looking into joining the navy/air force or the nurse corps after I graduate. I am a little undecided because both have their pros and cons and I was wondering if anyone who has experience in either/both can shed some light for me. I am just wondering what your general experience was like. How was day to day life as an NP. What kinds of benefits did you receive? How long was your contract? Did you get deployed or moved to multiple bases? How were you treated amongst your peers and superiors? How was training and how long did it last? Or should I just forego the military in general and live my life/career as a civilian? Just to add a little bit of background about me, I am 5'2 and African American with an athletic build. I am a little worried about the training that is going to take place before I start service because I had an ex who is in the army and hearing about how intense their training was like makes me wonder what mine is going to be like. Also, being a woman of color in a predominantly male field makes me a little worried as I have heard a good amount of horror stories. If anyone has any experience or knowledge on any of the questions I asked above, it would be greatly appreciated. I, also, understand that it would be easier to ask a recruiter my questions, but the nearest one is 4 hours away from me and I am looking for honest, unbiased information. Thanks!
  7. ohwhyshai

    Thinking of Becoming a Military FNP

    Hey guys! I am starting an accelerated BSN + MSN program this upcoming summer and I have a few questions about life after I graduate. I am interested in going into the military as an FNP. I know I have to have a year's worth of experience as a nurse and 6 months as an FNP so I wouldn't be going into it directly after I graduate. I am wondering what the best branches to go into are for Family Nursing. I have heard the Air Force and Navy are the best, but no one has been able to give me a solid reason as to why they are better. In addition to this, I am a woman of color and am a little wary of how I will be treated in the military in general. I don't really like confrontation and will definitely be taking any types of harassment into account before I make my decision. Also, I know there is a 5-6 week training process before I get started. Does anyone know what that entails specifically? I heard that it is more of the basics of military life, but is not as hard or serious as basic training. Is that correct? Also how much do they demand of you physically? I heard that they make you run 2 miles and do a push-up & sit-up test, but then I also heard that they give you options so that you don't have to run. If anyone can give me some insight on anything I stated above, that would be such a great help!
  8. ohwhyshai

    Emory ABSN+MSN 2020

    Hi guys! I got accepted too! Emory was my dream school so I’m so excited to have been chosen!! I can’t wait to be a part of this cohort
  9. ohwhyshai

    Spring 2020 USF ASBN

    Hey guys! I just applied too! I am a current USF student and hope they give me an interview so they can get to know more more as a person than just the my GPA. I was super involved on campus the past two years and did an internship this summer that was in partnership with the CDC and Johns Hopkins so hopefully they can see that I am a competitive applicant

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