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  1. NurseRNBSN81

    Nclex feedback

    No, I don’t mind at all! Outside of books I purchased, I used the NRSNG Academy App. I did a bunch of questions then focused on the areas where the app identified I was weak. The areas of weakness they pointed out, I then reviewed their lectures (all on the app). The app also have lots of “cheat sheets” on frequently tested items. They have one on SIADH, HHHS, and Addisons. All of these helped me remember things I needed for the test yesterday in a concise way. I purchased Saunders book (as required by my program) this was my basis for most of my med surg studying. I also bought the prioritization & Delegation book. I’ll have to go find it and give you the title. Depending on how quickly you are testing, I could even ship them to you. I’ll also check in the interim if I have those both on iBooks, if so i think I can email them to you for free. Im so old school and love to have an actual book in my hand that I can write notes in the margin etc. I know the apps do it but it isn’t the same. I had a lot of OB topics and Peds stuff, HELLP questions etc. I have a maternal fetal medicine Demystified and Pediatric nursing demystified book that help to actually “get” those topics. I also watched quite a few videos on registerednurse YouTube channel. She’s a southern girl like me so she didn’t annoy me too bad. She’s super smart and great at breaking down physiology.
  2. NurseRNBSN81

    New NCLEX Format

    So, I just wanted to share with everyone so you wouldn’t panic like I did yesterday while testing. Within the first 20 questions or so, I started getting SATA questions and then THEY WOULDN'T STOP! Exam stopped at 75, total SATA at the end was 36. I thought I would die. Early this morning, my license has been issued. So somehow I survived it. I just wasn’t prepared to receive SO MANY, didn’t want others to let it scare them. Former instructor told me that meant I was at the “higher level” of questions. You can do it! Don’t panic like I did!!