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  1. ASU does not round up. When are you planning on re-taking the HESI? You do have to wait 60 days.
  2. perfect explanation!
  3. School:Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale GPA : current ASU GPA 3.71 but they only count nursing classes 3.571 HESI overall score :91.00% English Score :88.67% Math Score : 98.00% Total points: 81.44
  4. are you only applying to one school. Having associates degree helps to increase your points. That's awesome. Good luck!
  5. Yes I just found out that asu only takes nursing classes for gpa so now my gpa is 3.571 that makes a huge difference
  6. If you are applying for CEP fall 2020 Please let us know the following: Good luck to everyone applying! School: GPA : HESI overall score : English Score : Math Score : Total points:
  7. Congrats! When did you apply and what was your score in all subjects?

    1. WoodCNA


      I applied to both CEP and tradional in early May. My GPA was 3.7, my HESI math was 86 and HESI english was 88. My overall CEP score was 83.3 I believe.

    2. gomezy


      Congrats! Any tips for the English subject. I going to try again by December 

    3. WoodCNA