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  1. No I haven't seen PC Spring 2022 group.
  2. Maricopa Nursing Program USA
  3. @tere567 yes! are you in the Maricopa FB group?
  4. Hi Congrats! Is there a FB group for PC?
  5. what was your points?
  6. sending positive vibes. What's your score and school you apply?
  7. Received acceptance letter to PCC/ASU! not sure how many points. Good luck everyone!
  8. Thank you for this information. it does help for future applicants
  9. Hi can you share your score please
  10. Hey! I have a question- I noticed you were accepted a couple semesters ago to CGCC. If you don’t mind me asking, what happened? Did you decline and are now re-applying? Just curious since were all trying so hard to get in and want any info we can get! Thanks! ? 

    1. gomezy


      No!  not at all. Thank you for reaching out. Yes,  I was accepted to CGCC with 82.67 .Due to COVID I had a death in my family.  I did not reach the passing score by almost nothing.  I was told to reapply for the program. I had to retake the HESI for a higher score. I am at 84.48 keep in mine the point reduction. keep me in your prayers. Good luck to you.    

    2. e_rick24


      Oh my goodness! I am so so sorry for your loss ?? I’m glad you could focus on what was going on in your life and knew nursing school would be there when you were ready. 
      That’s awesome you were able to raise your score (despite the circumstances). I’m rooting for you all the way! We got this!! ???

  11. Awesome! Good Luck!