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  1. Endo.J

    Is age a barrier?

    Hi I am just wondering if any of you (particularly management or older nurses) think that age is a barrier when finding work? My daughter married a Texan and is moving back to the Austin area next year, we are seriously thinking about following. I know I can use and agency and I think I know the most of the process involved but if I am in my 50's when this goes ahead will I still be marketable? Thanks in advance
  2. Endo.J

    How would Medicare for all affect nursing?

    Just a brief comment from a UK nurse, suspected cancer patients can be seen within 2-5 weeks in the UK, if a cancer is suspected this escalates to a 2 week wait system, where all tests are aimed to be carried out in 2 weeks and then discussed at a multi disciplinary team meeting. Then they will be seen by an oncologist to discuss potential treatment options, within 62 days treatment should have commenced. Maximum 31 days after they first meet the oncologist which was by average within 31 days of referral. Hence the 62 day figure. My husband had a suspicious mole two weeks ago he was referred and seen by a specialist within a week and was all clear. Average nurses pay at £34000 is $44000 not $26000??? Our cancer survival is lower, sadly. Healthcare is a growing concern everywhere, I've been reading this trying to understand more!
  3. Endo.J

    UK nurses going to the US

    So is your agency sourcing a permanent position for you, and how long are you bound to them/that job?