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    CCRN 2019

    I just wanted to post some encouragement and info about the CCRN this year. If you're like me, you've been searching all over the internet for study tips and resources. I bought the PASS CCRN question bank (Qbank) on Elsevier as well as the Barrons CCRN EXAM book. I did not use the PASS CCRN book at all because it is way too much information, and far more in depth than what you would ever need to know for the exam. I pulled up the Qbank at work, and anytime I wasn't providing pt care or charting I would crank out questions. If I was home, I would be studying the Barrons Book. Between Qbank and Barrons I would estimate total study time between 50-75 hours over three months. I was regularly getting 69-70% on my 150-question practice exams. Well, the CCRN was much easier. I took it on 3/29/19 and passed with 108 questions. It was much easier than the PASS or Barrons questions. Understand your hemodynamics and don't underestimate the practice you need on ethics/caring. Good luck!