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    Restraint question

    I have seen both ways, but never have heard of it needing a new order if you release one or two at a time. At my current facility we just release all 4 at once. Maybe your facility has a policy on it, or should specify if not. The issue I could see that would cause you to need a new order would be if you have to re-apply the arm and the leg if the patient "fails" the trial, which could be seen as re-initiating restraints. Technically, if the patient is calm enough that you feel comfortable releasing two restraints, why not all four, since they would be able to remove the other two if they wanted.
  2. psychnurse2242

    Change of pace for inpatient psych RN?

    Hi all - I'm an experienced psychiatric nurse but have always worked on inpatient units in hospitals. I'm going back to school (in a new city) in the Fall (full time) for my psych NP, and I want to get a per-diem job. However I am feeling extremely burnt-out from the inpatient world and would love to branch out to a community/outpatient RN position that would be available per diem. My mind goes to outpatient clinics, but I'm not sure where else to look. Looking for advice on what setting would be a good transition coming from full-time inpatient psych to per-diem outpatient psych and what types of community psych resources hire RNs. I may end up staying in my comfort zone but I want to explore my options. Thanks!