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  1. MusicallyRN

    New Grad Application Rejection

    Glad I could help! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me! Good luck!
  2. MusicallyRN

    New Grad Application Rejection

    Yes the do. They do want you to get your BSN I think 3-5 years after you start working there. Most of the time they will help pay for you to get it though.
  3. MusicallyRN

    New Grad Application Rejection

    Hey CBerries! I’m not sure if you are willing to move or commute but I’m a nurse at Mayo Clinc in Rochester. It’s s huge hospital and it seems like they are always hiring. I have many coworkers that commute from the Twin Cities. They say it’s worth it. Like all hospital systems it has its faults but I think it’s a great place to work. I started there as a new grad and have no major complaints. Just another option if you have no problem with commuting or moving!