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  1. My original question was if anyone else is experiencing this and if anyone is considering leaving nursing due to various reasons in finding a job. I am aware that this site cannot offer specifics on applying for a job. Austin was not as promising for nursing as I originally thought
  2. I have done that believe me. I am not being specific on applying but just listing this as something I can do in addition to a role outside of the hospital. I have not really applied to teaching jobs due to the requirements listing Masters level applicants. Not looking for encouragement but some work. Thank you for your insight.
  3. I do not have my Masters. Surely there is something out there for me even without a MSN. Tons of jobs but none for someone slowing down in the nursing profession.
  4. I moved from NC with recent experience as a clinical manager in Home Health (1 yr) and 7 years as a phone nurse consultant for pharmaceutical companies (very customer service driven, AE reporting etc.) I come from about 13 years in Adult ICU but have not been bedside for 8 years now. That seems to be the problem. I love to teach and have been developing education for staff in my roles as I develop my role. I have this highlighted on my resume and my references back that up. The problem is that most companies are not taking a chance on me. I am really considering looking at other career paths because nursing is not responding to my job search. Has anyone else left nursing due to this?? Anything helpful would be great. I am in the North Austin area of Texas.