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  1. lucy8686

    Foley pain

    If a pt complains of bladder pain with a Foley catheter they have had a few days (and I know it could be bladder spasms but just to troubleshoot..)...my thoughts are to bladder scan and make sure the catheter is draining urine and that the urine is normal and not clotty or bloody then if that’s ok check the cc’s in the balloon to make sure it’s not lost any fluid and is asymmetrical and causing discomfort from that and refill the balloon to the fill cc’s recommended by the manufacturer ...if the balloon is ok then maybe reposition tubing to the other leg and make sure catheter is secured. Anything else you’d do or not do?
  2. Just curious
  3. lucy8686

    Restraint question

    At my last facility, if a patient ended up in 4 point restraints for violent behaviors, we would release one arm and opposite leg to “trial” how the patient responded before removing all restraints. At this new facility, it says if you go from 4 limbs restrained down to 2 limbs restrained, you need a new order. How is it done where you are?