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  1. I know you got your answer about the science pre-reqs but as far as the one listed that may be taken concurrent with the program each semester (I think it’s, speech, poli sci, and PE) I took them all before I started and do not recommend taking them while in the program. I’m in the LVN-RN program right now (just finishing up Summer ‘19) and I couldn’t see being in another class in addition to these. As far as working while in the program, I won’t be but some of my cohort are working part time and managing.
  2. They don’t drug test. They may if there’s suspicion of being impaired in class or clinicals, but as far as I know, since marijuana is legal for adults in California they can’t penalize you for testing positive.
  3. Hey Nikki! It’s rachel. Your fellow lvn-rn LACONAH classmate. I was wondering; are you starting in fall, or Jan 2020 like me? I wish we could all get a group going that made communication easier. I don’t like this site. I’m not very tech savvy though. Did you happen to exchange numbers with anyone at pre-reg? 

    1. Nikkithenursey


      Hey Rachel! Yeah this site kind of blows!! I wanted to exchange numbers but I didn't. I was one of the people Ms. Granger took aside at the first break and let us know that we would be starting in the Fall. I was so relieved because I had actually been accepted for Summer 2018 but found out I was pregnant in December 2017 so requested a 1 year deferral. Ms. Granger said I should not have been wait-listed at all but there was a mix up with my paperwork. Regardless, we are both starting the transition semester in a few weeks!! Are you freaking out? I'm freaking out a little bit! It's been so long since I've done so many of the procedures. I got to pull out my Ms. Grousso bedbaths and diabetes info!! Have you bought the books and started studying the procedures? Here is my number so we can continue this convo offline: 818-599-3023. Please feel free to text or call (but texting is usually better as I have 2 small children ;). 

  4. I, thankfully, will not be working, so that financial aid/student loans will definitely be something we are going to need— whatever that looks like. When I went to Citrus I was married but didn’t have any kids or real responsibilities. Now I have two and a mortgage . I was pretty disappointed about starting in the Spring but I’m open to whatever happens. I’ve waited this long to get my RN already . Great idea to have that extra tax return!
  5. Oh my gosh, how funny! I got my LVN at Citrus, too! I graduated in Summer 2009. I live in the San Fernando valley now so Citrus wasn’t really an option for me this time but it was such great program. I met with Sarah Granger (the dean) last month. She was great and so helpful. She said we would talk about schedules, get more clarity on the wait list, options for student loans and funding/financial aid, and ordering our uniforms (like you said). That’s all I know. I’m sure there’s more stuff. I think I’m going to go business casual.
  6. I’m nervous too! I ended up getting my badge today. Couldn’t wait until Friday, lol. Sounds silly but it’s been my dream to go to CONAH and I can’t believe it’s actually happening!!
  7. LVN-RN pre-registration on Friday!! Who’s excited?? This girl. Anyone else on this thread going to be there and did you already pick up your badge or will you be doing so Friday?
  8. Hey there everyone! I was also accepted to the LVN-RN bridge for this summer and waitlisted for the Fall 2019 semester. It wouldn’t be ideal to wait 6 months but I’m glad to hopefully connect with other LVNs before we start.

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