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  1. Well congratulations on the job!!! I'm glad we both found something in peds!! 🙂 I withdrew my application online with Children's so i guess I will never know what decision they would have made. Where did you accept the position? I will be in the NICU at INOVA Fairfax. 🙂
  2. Do you plan to accept the other offer or wait to see what Children’s says? I think I will accept this offer as it is in peds and I don’t want to miss the opportunity.
  3. I have not. I followed up a few days ago and haven't heard a response yet. I was offered another position, so I wont be able to wait too much longer.
  4. Yes I got a phone call about a week after I applied. However I’ve heard this happen before and they eventually called so I’d just be patient. I’m sure it’s on there to do list
  5. I havnt heard anything yet either! I’m very anxious too.
  6. Hey, I didn't really ask. It's a hard question to ask haha. I feel like it'll be a few because of how many people they are interviewing. Like they wouldn't interview for a month and then only hire one or two, It would just be too time consuming.
  7. They told me they still had a couple more interviews so I would expect the end of next week.
  8. I think it went well. I loved the unit! They told me I should hear back next week. Let me know when you hear back. Good luck! Fingers crossed 🙂
  9. wow, yea I've heard that children's normally has a long hiring process, but it'll be worth the wait!! I hope your interview went well! Do you know how many spots they had? Also, I still haven't received my confirmation email. Did you get this right away or did it take a few days?
  10. Have you heard back from the Neuro unit about your interview? They contacted me to set up an interview but its a few weeks from now.

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