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  1. Hello, I am just a few days away from graduation and some of the stress about the future is starting to set in. Based on the information I have been given by my school, it will take at least 2-3 months after graduation to start working since we have to get approved to take the NCLEX which can take up to a week or more after graduation, test in 2-8 weeks after graduation, and then wait about 6 weeks until we receive our license if we do pass the NCLEX the first time. I am concerned about what to do (job-wise) during this break. At some of the clinical sites I've went, nurses have told me that having CNA experience helped them tremendously whereas other nurses have told me they still got hired fairly quickly and were okay with no CNA experience. I have worked as a home health CNA for over 6 months, stopped working when fall semester started since it was the hardest semester academic-wise, and then I worked for 2 months as a CNA in a nursing home, and stopped working again as my work schedule did not align with my capstone rotation that required me to come in on weekends and nights. Based on your personal experience, is this enough experience as a CNA? Or should I work as a CNA again while waiting for my license? Will this look bad to an employer if I leave a third job in a short time period since I will be applying to nursing jobs when I get my license? What jobs have you worked during the break between getting your license and job? (Btw, in the state where I am you cannot work with your license pending) Thank you so much for your help in advance!!!