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  1. Thank you all of you for the advice! I'm proud to have become a nurse and the more I learn the more respect I have for everyone who has gone before me.
  2. Hello, I appreciate the advice and insights given from so many Nurses through this site. I'm a new LPN graduate looking for my first job. Last year while in clinicals I was diagnosed with cancer and had to withdraw from my nursing program to go through treatment. I have since then completed treatment, finished getting my LPN degree, and I'm in full remission. I recently had a relative tell me I shouldn't let any future employer know that I had cancer because they could reject me as a good candidate for fear that my medical history could be future problem for them, both in time and insurance cost. The cancer I had was Burkitt's Non-hodgkin's lymphoma and remission rates are extremely high so it is unlikely it will come back. I feel that my cancer experience has only farther given me insight and compassion for those suffering with health issues and it has in my mind become part of what is going to make me a better nurse. So my question is, how should I present myself and my story to future employers? Thank you for any insight you may have. I look forward to the day when I can move on to get my RN degree and overtime move from a new grade to a professional experienced nurse.