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Texas_PMHNP's Latest Activity

  1. Texas_PMHNP

    PMHNP Fall 2019

    Nope, ICU nurse of 4.5 years here. Don't worry we'll be fine!
  2. Texas_PMHNP

    Will you get your DNP

    Once I complete my PMHNP program I plan to get a post-masters DNP
  3. Texas_PMHNP

    PMHNP Fall 2019

    Hey yall, Got my acceptance email and letter as well. Looking forward to starting the program. Besides responding to the email, do we need to do anything else before orientation?
  4. Texas_PMHNP

    PMHNP Fall 2019

    Hey everyone wanted to start a thread for us PMHNP applicants! ICU Nurse of 4.5 years 3.5 gpa coming out of the RN-BSN program. Really excited about this career path!

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