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  1. Thank you! I’m so excited 🙂 And congratulations to you as well! So exciting! In terms of advice, I would practice some behavioral questions (the tell me about a time ones) just to boost your confidence. Everyone was really nice and supportive the entire time, especially during the shadowing. Just be helpful where you can and ask questions! It took almost 3 weeks to hear, so I was definitely nervously pacing for a bit ha. Good luck!
  2. Update: I GOT AN OFFER! So excited to start in October. Good luck to everyone in this process!!!
  3. I thought it went well. Everyone was really nice! Has anyone heard anything more about offers or anything??
  4. That’s exciting! I am setting up my in person interview and shadow as well, hopefully for next week or the week after. Just waiting to hear back on what day and time specifically 🙂 what unit and hospital are you interviewing for?
  5. After I completed my digital interview, I got a call about next steps and confirming my unit preferences.

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