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  1. So I already turned in my resignation letter. My CNO said clearly that he's disappointed that I resigned (made me feel guilty, although we both knew that I'm replaceable,so I don't think that's an appropriate farewell). My day shift fellow nurses ask...
  2. Moral Injury

    so true!!
  3. Messed up and the end of career path.

    or maybe try rehab hospital? I work in an acute rehab and my nurse educator only works in this hospital her entire nursing career. Tbh, she's not a real good educator. The only time I saw her presentation for education was just once a year during ann...
  4. New grad RN, absolutely hate nursing

    That's harsh and what kind of difference are you referring to? Janitor at my hospital makes a difference for nurses and for patients; patients are pleasant because their rooms are no longer dirty and nurses don't have to be the housekeepers on top of...
  5. Hello fellow nurses ? I'm currently have two jobs: one full time at a freestanding rehab hospital and the other one is PRN at a Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) During these two jobs, I've realized I love neuro, and I want to work with pedi...