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  1. Congratulations!! So glad to hear you got a job as well. I start on August 8th since I graduate in May (so ready to be DONE). I have seen some other posts on here about the NICU at Children's and it seems like a great unit. I'm pretty excited to do t...
  2. Children's National D.C. Residency Summer 2022

    Hey! Which units did you apply to? Are you waiting to be contacted about an interview? Or have you already interviewed?
  3. Hello Everyone! I was recently offered a position at Children's National Medical Center in Washington DC in the Nurse Residency Program. I was curious if anyone currently (or previously) working in this hospital could tell me their experiences(c...
  4. Children's National D.C. Residency Summer 2022

    Hey there! I applied and interviewed last week for a position starting in August for the PICU. So hopefully you will head back and interview for yours soon. Good luck!
  5. Howard Community College Traditional Fall2020

    Hey! For the first semester, It’s Mon and Wednesday 5:30 - 7:20 for lecture. Clinical's are Saturday and Sunday 8:00 to 4:30 for the first few weeks. Then just Saturdays. This is just for this semester though. Not sure if that changes outside of covi...
  6. Howard Community College Traditional Fall2020

    Hey Everyone! Has anyone heard anything further about the orientation on Thursday? I saw the email letting us know they would send something out but I haven't seen any other notifications.
  7. CCBC FALL 2019

    Hi Friends! Fall 2019 Catonsville ATB applicant here! Have any of your applications updated to "complete" or does it say "verified"? I've spoken to people and have heard a mixed response.