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  1. Bunnybunbun

    Midwestern University 2020

    Lol or someone local can host a meet up at their house/ pool or something. We are gonna be classmates!!! I called the school dorm and asking questions. He was laughing at me coz I asked how long it take to walk to the nearest grocery. He thought I was crazy.... we walk to grocery here in So cal all the time. Lol
  2. Bunnybunbun

    Midwestern University 2020

    We should have a party and meet each other’s if we are all invited to the interview! I would love to see the school !!
  3. Bunnybunbun

    Midwestern University 2020

    Oh wow u are local! That’s so cool!! Do u know any srna currently going thru the program?
  4. Bunnybunbun

    Midwestern University 2020

    Hi! I applied as well. I was told my application is under review at this moment. Maybe we can all meet soon!!! How exciting!! Did u guys went to the open house? I missed it lol
  5. Bunnybunbun

    National University CRNA Interview

    I got invited to their interview as well and would like guidance! Following
  6. Bunnybunbun

    How "recent" of an ICU experience do they accept?

    Omg! I m in the same boat! Coz of life, children and cost I m in a FNP program but I can’t stop thinking about crna and if anything I must give crna a try so I can die without regrets lol!!!! Plz keep me update on your journey and let’s supoort each other to that dream!!! most crna schools I looked into need recent icu experience of at least 1-2 year full time. My nurse sup had to come back to work in icu before applying to crna school as well and she eventually got into crna school!
  7. Bunnybunbun

    ICU requirement

    I just put in my resume from when to when I work as what. I never put in party time or full time tho. ( although I hold multiple jobs in different settings at the same time for years...)
  8. Bunnybunbun

    a mother of two trying to apply for crna school

    Hi TPN!!! Thanks for the encouraging words and I agree that planning is the key! I m nervous about applying coz I never feel truly ready but here I m giving it my best shot so I will have no regrets in life!! I know I have planned crna in my life, I just have to show them!!
  9. I know how competitive crna school is. I m a mother of two kids but I have great support at home. How can I be sure or how can I show the school that my family will not be a burden to my study?