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  1. raemcclain

    How to Remain Relevant as You Age

    Does anyone remember the birthday party for a 90-year-old RN who was STILL WORKING IN THE OR??? Age is a number...I agree that discrimination for experienced nurses happens. It also is due to facilities not wanting to pay what experienced nurses are worth.
  2. raemcclain

    An Open Letter to Senator Walsh

    Let's see - what if I ignored the ICU teen who was 'fine' at report only for ME to take the time to discover he was bleeding out! Or- the head trauma patient that had surgery in the morning. I came on in the afternoon to hear from the day nurse that the patient was 'fine' - had been sleeping all day?? Red alarms in my head as I RAN to her room to find her disoriented and drooling... had to send her back to OR. Or the kidney transplant pt who was screaming with severe headaches and the dr. ordered a unit of blood without specifying how my ml's? I had to call my supervisor to check about this and she agreed that this involved a blood volume concern. Dr. didn't like it, but I was right! Uh - let's see (queen of hearts about now?) Or the night I admitted a newly diagnosed Diabetes child who got sick at a party from too much sugar ( king of spades? - probably not)! Had to monitor blood glucose all night long. OH - then the FRESH liver transplant who came to a private room on my unit because the ICU was full! ( Gin Rummy!) Stayed in his room ALL NIGHT LONG TAKING V/S, monitoring status, IV's, etc. EIGHT DARK HOURS! GET THE PICTURE, LADY.. SENATOR????