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  1. Oyin12

    Humber RPN/PN Fall 2019

    @redheadednurse13 @Prehealth2Rpn2Bscn I got my offer today from humber yaay.. super exited... @Prehealth2Rpn2Bscn I wish you luck in your exams.... @redheadednurse13 Have you registered for any classes
  2. Oyin12

    anyone entering sheridan college for may 2018

    Helloo @Chrissy_T pls how is the program going, I just got an offer. How are the courses , professors and placements,and also the class scheduling. Kindly share your experience
  3. Oyin12

    Mohawk College Practical Nursing January 2018

    Helloo @c.Maud pls how did you find the program at Sheridan.. how were the professors, placements and things in general. Pls kindly share your experience. Thanks a lot
  4. Hiii, anyone one going to Sheridan college for practical nursing this september, let’s connect here
  5. Oyin12

    Humber RPN/PN Fall 2019

    I wish you the best.... any other information you wanna know.. you can ask
  6. Oyin12

    Humber RPN/PN Fall 2019

    Hi @Prehealth2Rpn2Bscn For maths it was a lot of addition, subtraction of decimal numbers, ratios, simple word problems, conversions, multiplication and division of decimal numbers,fractions.. for chemistry (solution,solvent,solute,Boyle’s law,acid and base, covalentbonds,isotopes elements, ph levels for biology (parts of the small intestine atp,passive and active transport, what attaches bone to muscles and bone to bone, what brings blood to and away from the heart ( this is all I remember for biology I just attempted 15 questions out of 30) my essay was something like our opinions are often influenced by others or not( something in this regard)
  7. Oyin12

    Humber RPN/PN Fall 2019

    Hi @redheadednurse13 I did my entrance exam this morning.. it went pretty well. The only bad side was when the internet connection started to act up. So I was unable to finish the biology which gave me a low score but for the others I did well. I hope I get an offer tho. I hope the biology won’t mess me up
  8. Hello, Is there anybody here that has been given an offer for Sheridan rpn program for sept 2019. What do you think about the program.. also I would like to know from current Sheridan students how the program is. How are the professors, placements etc
  9. Oyin12

    Humber RPN/PN Fall 2019

    @redheadednurse13 thank you
  10. Oyin12

    Humber RPN/PN Fall 2019

    @redheadednurse13 Thanks for sharing.. have been out of high school too for 10 years...hoping I get in. @Prehealth2Rpn2Bscnyou can check Humber’s website for practice questions for the maths and you could get the book they suggested for biology and chemistry