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  1. ASU Post Bacc - 2020

    Getting a Masters would be way better than just an Associates, but if I dont make it into this cohort then I'm planning on applying to the Maricopa CEP to at least get my Associates and Bachelors together. I'm already so done with school, at this poi...
  2. ASU Post Bacc - 2020

    @CamMc I just got an email today that they will be doing info sessions! I signed up for the 8am on on 6/7 so we'll see how that goes. Since it's so new it seems like there is no prereq courses needed before admission, but they still need to be done b...
  3. ASU Post Bacc - 2020

    Hey! Some things have come up on my end so I'll most likely be applying when birdy95 will in 2021. Getting into these prereq classes have been tough! So far I've only talked to one of the nursing advisor but have read through the previous years for a...
  4. ASU Post Bacc - 2020

    Hi all! While the application deadline is a ways off, I just wanted to start a new thread for anyone planning to apply for ASU's PBCNP for this coming 2020 group. I've recently been accepted in to the Community Health major at ASU and am currently wo...

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