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  1. bighead77

    Sentara College of Health Sciences

    Hi all! Has anyone here gotten their BSN through Sentara College of Health Sciences in Chesapeake? I don't have an RN license but I do have a bachelor's degree, so this seemed like a good option. I'd love to hear your opinion and experiences at this school. Thanks!
  2. bighead77

    Push myself to get started quicker?

    Sadly every single class interferes with me being out of town...and it's only for 3 days! It's smack dab in the middle of the summer. And I already contacted some professors at the CC and they said I can't miss any labs or they'll count as a zero test grade.
  3. Hi everyone! This is my first post on here so bear with me. Long story short, I only have this summer and fall semester to complete 6 pre-reqs for my top choice nursing school, whose application is due in February. 3 of those pre-reqs are lab sciences (Chem, Micro, and A&P). I can't take any lab sciences this summer, because I will be out of town some of the time and miss labs, so I'm just taking the 3 other pre-reqs I can do online...while also working full time. So if I want to apply in February, I have to take 3 lab sciences in 1 semester. I'm a good student, but 3 labs is a lot to handle for anyone. I would probably have to quit my full time job to make it work, which also makes me nervous. Basically I'd love to hear how other people in this situation handled it. Did you take a leap of faith and force yourself to take 3 difficult classes at the same time so you could get started on your nursing journey as fast as possible? Or did you take a year or two to do pre-reqs so you could also work full time also? There are other nursing schools I could apply to, but they are 2.5 years vs my top choice being 1 year and 3 months; so basically I would graduate the other programs at the same time as I would graduate my top choice program if I don't finish the pre-reqs this year and take longer. If that makes sense... I think my anxiety over the unknown is making me doubt myself, but also my practical side is telling me to take things slow. But I can't image waiting over 3 years to finally become a nurse... Thanks everyone!