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  1. dango_levi

    January 2019 Intake - Mohawk RPN

    Hey I'm also going for RPN fall 2019 at mohawk. Looking for people to connect with atm since they said I'll need a group to work with.
  2. dango_levi

    Mohawk Conestoga RPN Fall 2019

    They release offers mid march. I got in mohawk as well. Sept 2019 rpn. Tryina look for roomies. Im female, my profile is just weird but ill be glad to connect with any of yall sicne i hear we need good study groups and i dont know anyone over there. Im still not sure if im going but i feel like i will end up there. Just tryina look for more reasons to go there rather than attending george brown.
  3. dango_levi

    September 2018 Practical Nursing Mohawk

    The offers are relased mid march. Also hey i might be going to mohawk. Was wondering if u pursued mohawk and itd be great if you can tell me hows ur experience so far. Im tryina find a place to live in over there. Any ideas for that one as well?
  4. Thank you for replying. I did not know about the 7 courses at all. Can you tell me which general studies we get to skip if i do pursue rpn in gbc next sem? Thanks so much
  5. Anyone got in Mohawk RPN 2019 out here?

    Thinking of going for an apartment over there.. Got any comments about it?

  6. Hello everyone So I got into those three colleges and would really love to accept mohawk but I NEED BEEF about sheridan because shes basically forcing me to go there since its just right next door. I was in George Brown for Pre-Health. Based on what I my research, Sheridan is horrible at placements and their system's fcked. George Brown, got 9 courses first sem and will talk about new science topics that I have studied thanks to Pre-Health. And Mohawk is Self-taught (which I need more detail on as it scares tf out of me). Listen, I want mohawk so that I can bridge to Mcmaster. I dont want sheridan at all. Worried bout my safety over there due to the population (because, its brampton guys) and I hear they give out tests worth high. My mom wants to know how can I bridge to RN if I get in sheridan RPN. And if anyone have anything about George Brown, PLEASE SPILLLLLLL. (its ghetto over there- my friend). Thank you very much in advance.