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  1. Hey guys! I recently applied to the Memorial Nurse Residency for the July 2021 cohort and wanted to start this forum to see if anyone else has applied and if you have heard back. It's probably still too early since the application opened this w...
  2. FIU- Generic BSN Fall 2019

    Maybe they’re sending it through mail?
  3. FIU- Generic BSN Fall 2019

    Me too! I got in!
  4. FIU Generic BSN Fall 2019

    Exactly. You wouldn't do Generic BSN unless you have an Associates that isn't in nursing. At least I'm pretty sure that's how it works. If anything you could talk to an adviser so that they could point you in the right direction.
  5. FIU Generic BSN Fall 2019

    I've never really heard of a program where you go straight into nursing from High School. You can always get an associates in nursing and then become an RN to work at a hospital but that's two years. After that you can do the RN to BSN program. The G...
  6. FIU Generic BSN Fall 2019

    There’s a couple things you need to do to qualify. For starters, you need an associates degree and to take the pre-nursing prerequisites which you can find here
  7. FIU Generic BSN Fall 2019

    Hi! I also applied to the program. My GPA is 3.74, in the teas I got an 83.3 overall, 93.8 math, 83.0 reading, 70.8 English, and 80.9 science. I have around 700 volunteer hours and a couple letters of recommendation. Does anyone by any chance know wh...