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  1. Banner Health New Grad RN Program

    Thank you so much for all of this helpful information! Makes me a little less nervous ?
  2. Banner Health New Grad RN Program

    I'm honestly not sure but I don't see why not...especially if you will have your BSN because that is definitely preferred. On my application, I did list BSN in my education. I just made sure that it was clear I did not currently hold a BSN but do hav...
  3. Banner Health New Grad RN Program

    This is what the Banner New Grad application states: "At this time the program is on-going, year round. There is no application deadline, however it is recommended that you apply no earlier than 60 days prior to graduation and taking your NCLEX. Jo...
  4. Banner Health New Grad RN Program

    Hi! I had initially applied Dec 2018/Jan 2019 and didn't receive any calls back. When I applied a second time, I made sure to list my references of people who I know that work at Banner. I even reached out to a friend (RN) who currently works at Bann...
  5. Banner Health New Grad RN Program

    Hi everyone! I'm sure this has been previously discussed before but I wanted to ask for more recent advice. I have accepted a position with Banner Health in their new grad program. I will be on the Progressive Care Unit (PCU) and start Banner orienta...